Best Cheap Table Lamps 2014

Light up your home with a cheap table lamp today!

Cheap table lamps are the perfect way to light up a home. Every day, people spend hundreds of dollars on furniture and artwork to make their house cozy and warm but they soon find out that their home is still cold and dark. The problem is not with the furniture or the artwork. It has to do with the lighting. Just like a musical or play, the lighting is what sets the mood in a home. It can make a room look inviting and intimate.

Here is a shortlist of the best-selling cheap table lamps for sale on Amazon.

One of the best ways to set the mood in a room is by purchasing table lamps. They allow you to define a particular area of a room such as an area for reading or an area for conversation. There are hundreds of lamps to choose from in every style imaginable. Make sure that the lamp is the right size and décor for your room and you will create a warm and inviting environment that you will be happy to call home.

Image: Lite Source Orange Ceramic Light with Silhouette Paper Shade

Best Selling Cheap Table Lamps

Ceramic Urn Table LampLumiSource Accent Dot LampNormande Flager Table LampIkea Orgel Table Lamp
Ceramic Urn
Table Lamp
LumiSource Accent
Dot Lamp
Normande Flager
Table Lamp
Ikea Orgel
Table Lamp

Top 3 Cheap Table Lamp Reviews

Lite Source Viko Table Lamp Review

Cal Lighting Resin Spectrum Accent Light

The Lite Source Viko Table Lamp is a beautiful red lamp with a unique shape. It is made from a resin and colored dark red. This lamp includes a matching dark red shade. The Lite Source Table Lamp is 17 inches in height. This is a good size for a reading lamp.

Lite Source Viko Table Lamp

This table lamp is cheap but doesn’t look like it. It looks expensive and would go great in a library, office, living room or sitting room. It is also good for a child’s room as the resin is resistant to breaking.

A 60 watt florescent bulb is used for this light. If you are looking for a fun lamp that doesn’t look cheap, consider the Lite Source Viko Table Lamp.

Home Design Bergen Table Lamp Review

Home Design Bergen Table Lamp

The Home Design Bergen Table Lamp is the perfect lamp for any room in your home. Its contemporary design is complimented by the white shade. The shade is made from a linen fabric that is resistant to dirt and dust. The steel base has a polished steel finish that will match any home décor.

Home Design Bergen Table Lamp

This lamp stands at 18 inches tall which is a good size for most tables. It will not overpower your furniture yet will still stand out on its own. The lamp uses a 60 watt light bulb. If you are looking for sleek and modern cheap table lamps, you don’t have to look any further. The Home Design Bergen Table Lamp is the lamp you are looking for.

Home Design Mini Ceramic Table Lamp Review

Home Design Mini Ceramic Table Lamp with Fabric Shade

The Home Design Mini Ceramic Table Lamp with Fabric Shade is a lamp shaped like a chocolate candy drop. The lamp is 11 inches tall so it’s a little smaller than most but don’t be fooled by its size. This little lamp gives off a lot of light and it’s extremely stylish.

Home Design Mini Ceramic Table Lamp

This Home Design lamp uses a 40 watt medium base bulb which is not included. The power cord is black and contains an on and off switch. If you are purchasing this lamp as a gift, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in a full color gift box. This little lamp looks great in bedrooms, offices, sitting rooms and dorm rooms.

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